5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part1

castellon turismo playa del serradal

Castellón is probably one of those hundred unknown places along the Mediterranean coast which you might also fall in love with it. The reason why this beautiful Spanish province is less known than other is actually due to its slow growing tourism industry against other popular places like Alicante, Valencia, Salou or Barcelona when the “tourist boom” arose in Spain in the 60’s years. This province is situated exactly between those popular places and people usually passed through Castellon, but never stopped. Now those popular places are getting obsolete and Castellón is getting more popular. It seems like the tourism industry is pushing the wheel to different direction, making Castellon a trending topic for both Spanish and foreign travellers. Finally people have realised how much beauty Castellon is and how many things you can do.

Castellón is situated between Barcelona and Valencia. Its coast is named “The Blossom Orange Coast” and you can beach hop all the way along 110km of coast; your perfect summer holiday might come true here as Castellón has all you need. But Castellón is not only beach and sun, in that hundred of mountains, small villages, thousand of activities and charming people are waiting you for your entertainment throughout this stunning and unknown place.

Pack Your Bag is going to give you 15 reasons of why Castellón is the best place for your summer holidays this 2016. Considering the huge amount of reasons as well as the useful information of the article, Pack Your Bag is going to divide it in three different sections to make a better feature article.

Castellón (Spain), why I should spend my summer holiday in Castellón next summer?

1.- The weather

Castellón offers more than 310 sunny days throughout the year (wow 😱). Yes, you have read perfectly. The Orange Blossom Coast is probably one of the sunniest places in Spain. It seems like it has its own micro-climate. The rain (wet) season usually is only a week, whether in spring or autumn; therefore Castellón is a perfect place for your holidays as the sun is guaranteed all year long.

More than 310 sunny days in Castellón
More than 310 sunny days in Castellón – Photography of Pack Your Bag

2.- The beaches

Castellón has 78 beaches along its 110km of coast, that means you will find a beach every 1.41km. From rocky, rough & hidden creeks to white, long & sandy beaches Castellón offers to the visitor a wide range of options for your beachy time. The water is clean and clear and 32 beaches are awarded with blue flag (indication of a high environmental and quality standards). More information and pictures about Castellón’s beaches, click here

Oropesa del Mar Beach
Oropesa del Mar Beach – Photography of Oropesa del Mar Council

3.- Castellón de la Plana

This alive and vibrant city is the capital of the Province where tradition and modernity combine perfectly in harmony. Why being lost in Castellón de la Plana can be an amazing experience? Dozen of Mediterranean fragrances hit your face when you gallivant through its streets and thousand of oranges trees dress the city. The pedestrian city centre offers to the visitor the option to interact with the charming local people and shopping at any of the local shops. Perhaps, you shouldn’t miss the colourful central market and try all the tasty local food.  A walk into the old fisher quarter El Grau de Castellón (which is 4 km far from the city) brings to you the pure essence of a traditional Mediterranean village,  furthermore you will find one of the best beaches of Spain, with more than 14 km long, woow!!

Major Square - Photography of Comunitat Valenciana Tourism Website
Major Square – Photography of Comunitat Valenciana Tourism Website

4.- Peñíscola.

Peñíscola is a beautiful little town, lively & full of character and also a very popular holiday spot amongst Spanish and foreing tourists throughout the year. There is a castle, called The Moon Pope Castle which is a very popular attraction nowadays. The castle is part of the tale. It sits on a rock about 64 metres above the sea, a rock which is joined to the mainland by only a narrow strip of land. Due to its strategic location, was wanted and taken by all sorts of invaders in the past: the Greeks, the Romans, Arabs and Christians. The Knights Templar built the castle on the remains between 1294 and 1307. Later, in the 15th century, Pope Benedict XIII (Moon Pope)moved in for 6 years until he died. Popular films like El Cid or famous series like Game of Thrones have filmed in this particular place. Peñíscola is cosidered the most beautiful village in Spain according different survey researches. Come to Castellón and visit Peñíscola.

Peñíscola - Photography of Drones Filmers
Peñíscola – Photography of Drones Filmers

5.- The airport

The new Castellón Airport was opened last September 2015. For now Ryanair is the only airline which operates in the airport, connecting Castellón with Bristol and London. The flight from London to Castelón operates 3 times a week, on Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Saturdays along the year. Otherwise the flight from Bristol only operates during the summer season, from April to October and twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. A new flight connection between Bucarest and Castellón with Blue Air will start from June and you can already buy your tickets in the website. This new airport is a signal that Castellón is getting popular, the numbers of the passengers flying “from” “to” Castellón confirm this growing and this airport has already passed in front of many Spanish airports. 

Castellón Airport - Photography of Diputación de Castellón
Castellón Airport – Photography of Diputación de Castellón


These are only five reasons of why Castellón is the best place for your summer holiday. Castellón offers to the visitors hundreds of options for their entertainment and Pack Your Bag wants to make people know the beauty of this place as well as to promote Castellón as a popular travel destination.

I will write more about Castellón in future articles whereby will give you more reasons of why Castellón is the best place for your summer holiday this 2016.

If you want to book your holidays in Castellón, please visit this website http://www.castellonincoming.com/



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