2 days around Leman Lake


A weekend around the Leman Lake in Switzerland and in France could be cheaper than you expect if you travel in the right time. Ski season starts from November until April and the prices are usually more expensive. We flew only few weeks before the winter seasons started when the prices are still low and when nature shows one of its best performance: the colourful autumn. As known, Switzerland is very expensive and a short getaway might become so expensive if you don’t control well your budget. For that reason, we bought are food in England, so for a weekend we spent 20£/each in food.

Flight from Bristol to Geneva: 35£ return/person

At 8.30am we were already in Geneva airport. We booked a car by on-line in the France side of the airport (price cheaper than Swiss side) and we paid 60€ for two days between 3 people, only 20£ each then. Around 9.30am we were driving out of the airport to gain as much time as possible and see as many things as possible.




This charming city was our first stop. Laussane is a beautiful city situated in the shores of the Leman Lake. It’s not as big as Geneva, though big enough to enjoy its alive atmosphere. The local market was set up in the heart of the city with small stands selling veggies, fruits and flowers. Little bit higher from the main place and on the top of a hill you will find the cathedral. There is a view point from which you will enjoy beautiful views over Laussane, the Leman Lake and you are lucky…you will see the highest peaks and mountains around the lake.




Gruyere is a “must seen” during you weekend around the Leman Lake, this charming medieval village situated in the Low Swiss Alps is popular for its cheese. With only two streets and the main square, this village is able to attract thousand of tourists throughout the year. Discover its delightful houses and visit its castle on the top of the hill. The views over Alps mountains are stunning. And don’t forget to taste the Gruyere cheese, Yummy!! 😛  



picture of the week

On our way back to the lake we decided to use a different road and see a small part of the Alps mountains. For 1 hour and a half we drove through the Gruyère Pays d’Henhaut Natural park, passing by beautiful valleys with colossal mountains in both sides. Also, the beautiful colour of the autumn made this experience even nicer. Thousand of cows filled the fields like they’d have been drawn by an impressionist painter. On the way down to the lake, the fog covered the valley thereby creating an terrific atmosphere. You will find the map of the route in the end of the article.



This popular village in situated in the south-east of the Leman Lake. This side of the lake is France and the border is only few kilometres before Evian. Popular for its springs, this small village has become one of the most important spa destinations in Europe. Either winter or summer, Evian is a nice place for your skiing holidays, spa holidays or simply a chill getaway. We booked 2 rooms in a beautiful wooden house  by Airbnb in the zone, above 1000 metres height. The couple were so nice and we got a charming welcome from them. The price: 15£ each with an delicious home-made breakfast included in the price.



Yvoire le Leman is a very tinny medieval village situated in the French side of the lake. Vehicles are not allowed inside its walls, only bikes can ride. Delighted houses built in stone take you back on time to the middle age like if you were the protagonist of a historical novel. With full of traditional shops, the popular French sweet “macarron” is probably the most sold product in Yvoire as the most of the shops are patisseries, although you will also find wooden objetcs made by hand. The most of the houses are decorated with flowers which make even nicer the atmosphere. This village is a “must” during your getaway around Leman Lake, don’t miss then.



With only an afternoon you will have enough time to visit the most important highlights of Geneva. There is a beautiful “promenade” along the shore of the lake. The Old City is not so far from the lake and a walk through the Old City is absolutely worth it.



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