5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part3

Summer has already arrived (unless that you live in England), perhaps we all are very exited about our summer holiday. In my case, Castellón is one of the stops of my summer holidays and I´m pretty exited of going back to my hometown. Now, only few days afr my trip to Castellón I would like to share with you the third and last part of why you should visit Castellón. We talked in the past articles about the always guaranted sunny weather, a place where Games of Thrones filmed part of the 6th season, the new airport, the mountains, the beautiful beaches… we offered you up to 10 reasons to visit Castellón this summer. Now, the last 5 reasons which I expext they will convince you to visit Castellon.

11.- Columbretes Islands – The most remote living place of Spain

Columbertes Islands - Photography castellonturismo.com
Columbertes Islands – Photography castellonturismo.com
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Pack Your Bag

 Columbretes Islands are a small insular place that rise out of the water and situated 60 km far away from the Orange Blossom Coast (Castellón Coast). Seven islands of volcanic origin emerge from the sea and thanks to the transparency of the water you can see the animals that live there with no fear of man. There is a catamaran departing from El Grau de Castellón every sunday which goes to the islands. The price is 50€/ persona and also includes a tour at Grossa Island (biggest). After the tour you will have still few hours to live an exceptional scuba diving experiencea and see a large variety of sea plantes and fish. More info click the following link Columbretes Info

12.-  Festivals – Castellon, land of festivals

If you are a festival lover Castellón is absolutely your place as few of the most popular international festivals as the FIB, Rototom or Arenal Sound take palce during the summer season. Perhaps, small music festivals (either electronic music or jazz or classic music) also happen through the province, both in the coast towns and the highlands. Click the links below to find out the line up of the three most important festivals happening in Castellon. Ans remember there are direct flights from London and Bristol to Castellon. Don´t miss one of the best european festivals

FIB Festival Internacional Benicassim – Line up 2016

Arenal Sound – Line up 2016

Rototom – Line up 2016

FIB Festival - Photography of fiberfib.com
FIB Festival – Photography of fiberfib.com

13- Fanzara, an international street art reference

This small village with only 323 inhabitants has become the Spain’s art street capital. International graffiti artists have shaped the streets and the houses with full of graffiti and murals. The festival takes place a weekend of July where both artists and local people meet together to change hospitality for art. Today is an international street art reference place and the number of visitors is growing impressively due to the quality of the graffiti. Don’t miss Fanzara during your trip at Castellón.

Street art in Fanzara
Street art in Fanzara – Photography Pack Your Bag

14 – Food – fresh and organic cuisine 

The versatility of Castellon makes you explore a huge wide range of delicious dishes and tastes. Also, the countryside is fullyfilled of orange trees, olives trees and almonds trees which play an important role within the Castellon’s cuisine. Let’s do not forget our fresh and tasty veggies, basically our most important ingredients which always escort all dishes of the Mediterranean’s gastronomy. Along the coast the cuisine is based on fish, seafood and salads.; also rice dishes such a “paella”, “arros caldos” or “lobster rice”. In the other hand, up to the highlands, all dishes are based on meat, either beef or pork or lamb or hunting meat (deer & wild boar). Don’t forget to taste the wide variety of cheeses as well as dry meat (sausages, chorizo, beef ham or bull ham). Come to Castellon and enjoy our miscellaneous cuisine, full of tastes and textures.

Salad & smoothies - photography of Pack Your Bag
Salad & smoothies – photography of Pack Your Bag
15 – The lovely local people

Lovely and charming people will give you a nice welcome throughout the province of Castellon. Whether visiting local shops or eating in restaurants or doing one of the daily guided tours is always a nice way to interact with local people and therefore contributing for the local economy growth. Visit Castellon and let yourself dive into this Spanish Mediterranean unknown place.

People from Castellon will give you a great welcome - Photography of turismodecastellon.com
People from Castellon will give you a great welcome – Photography of turismodecastellon.com




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