Cool Gopro pictures

We all know that Gopro cameras have been recently one of the coolest inventions of this technological era. Who doesn’t  want a Gopro camera to film cool and funny videos while travelling abroad? It´s small, easily portable for extreme sports and able to film under the water. But Gopro camera can also take beautiful pictures with a different perspective which we never had seen before. Get cool pictures with the Gopro was more difficult as I had expected and perhaps I took me a while the fact of taking decent pictures with this revolutionary camera. After a year I couldn’t collect so many cool pictures (I have been also more focused on filming) but I’d like to share with you this short Gopro Camera collection which I made while travelling the past year

London Eye -UK
London Eye – UK
Sony Centre – Berlin – Germany
Toledo Cathedral – Spain
Columbretes Islands -Castellon – Spain
Sunset in Ibiza -Spain
The Atomium – Brussels – Belgium

Berlin Wall – Germany
Morella Castle – Castellon _ Spain

Hope you’ve liked this small gopro collection. For more pictures follow me on Instagram

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