3 hidden places in Ibiza with “On Ibiza Clouds”

Ibiza is one of those places which I don´t mind to go often. It has the ability to supernaturally force me to visit it at least twice a year; maybe its magic atmosphere, its music, its people or its beauty…all what involve this island attract me so hard. The past month on July I had the chance of discovering new hidden and unknown places thanks my blogger friend Natalia; her blog On Ibiza Clouds is one of the most popular of Ibiza which feature interesting fashion articles as well as fantastic videos of the best spots in the white island. If you want to know more about On Ibiza Clouds and Ibiza please feel free to check her blog. You will also find her article about my visit by clicking next link http://www.onibizaclouds.com/time-and-space-ibiza-open-air-monumental-work/

My friend Natalia from On Ibiza Clouds and I during the tour guide

My friend Natalia from On Ibiza Clouds and I during the tour guide

Natalia and I spent the morning visiting 3 different and hidden places in Ibiza, she was really good as a tour guide and despiste the awful heat I was able to enjoy the tour as well as all related comments that she made during our time together. Join us and discover those 3 hidden Ibiza´s spots which you don´t usually find at any guidebook.

1.- Sant Agusti

Sant Agusti

Sant Agusti

Ibiza´s architectural style - all in white

Ibiza´s architectural style – all in white

This small and charming village is situated on the top of a hill between Sant Antoni Bay and Sant Josep. The views over the countryside are fantastic which is fully filled of almond trees, despite the coast is a bit far, you can also enjoy views over the sea. Ibiza is known as “The White Island” due to the colour of the houses and Sant Agusti is probably one of the best examples of this local architecture. When you visit this village it seems like the time has not passed by, tough there is still place for local restaurants and B&Bs which make Sant Agusti more alive within its rural atmosphere.

2.- “Time & Space” Sculpture

Time & Space Sculpture

Time & Space Sculpture

Natalia and I in the middle of the sculpture.

Natalia and I in the middle of the sculpture.

This open air sculpture which has a similar appearance to Stonehenge is situated in the southwest coast of Ibiza. Its named is “Time and Space” and was designed by the famous Australian artist Andrew Rogers and financially funded by the Canadian millionaire Guy Laliberte (owner and founder or the Cirque du Soleil which has his enormous villa in Ibiza just in front of the sculpture). Formed by 13 pillars of basalt in a 24 meters of diameter this sculpture is inspired in the island of Es Vedra,  it represents the movement of the planets around the sun and its lined up with the winter solstice sunset. if you want to know more about it, have a look to my Ibiza blogger friend’s article by clicking in the following link http://www.onibizaclouds.com/time-and-space-ibiza-open-air-monumental-work/

3.- Cala Llentia

View of Cala Llentia from the top of the cliff

View of Cala Llentia from the top of the cliff

Natalia and I enjoying the views from the top of the cliff

Natalia and I enjoying the views from the top of the cliff


Cala Llentia is known to a few locals as a place to escape the madness that takes over the island during the high season. If you are looking for a place to lay down and enjoy the tranquillity, this is absolutely one of the best spots for that, although tricky access will put you on in a risky and funny adventure. The turquoise and clear water (which you can see from the top of the cliff) invites you to take the risk of climbing down the cliff. Give a try and visit this hidden beach, but you need to find the way to get there; for that reason I recommend you to contact Natalia; she will give you further information about it, click the following link and contact her On Ibiza Clouds


5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part3

Summer has already arrived (unless that you live in England), perhaps we all are very exited about our summer holiday. In my case, Castellón is one of the stops of my summer holidays and I´m pretty exited of going back to my hometown. Now, only few days afr my trip to Castellón I would like to share with you the third and last part of why you should visit Castellón. We talked in the past articles about the always guaranted sunny weather, a place where Games of Thrones filmed part of the 6th season, the new airport, the mountains, the beautiful beaches… we offered you up to 10 reasons to visit Castellón this summer. Now, the last 5 reasons which I expext they will convince you to visit Castellon.

11.- Columbretes Islands – The most remote living place of Spain

Columbertes Islands - Photography castellonturismo.com

Columbertes Islands – Photography castellonturismo.com

what a colour

Pack Your Bag

 Columbretes Islands are a small insular place that rise out of the water and situated 60 km far away from the Orange Blossom Coast (Castellón Coast). Seven islands of volcanic origin emerge from the sea and thanks to the transparency of the water you can see the animals that live there with no fear of man. There is a catamaran departing from El Grau de Castellón every sunday which goes to the islands. The price is 50€/ persona and also includes a tour at Grossa Island (biggest). After the tour you will have still few hours to live an exceptional scuba diving experiencea and see a large variety of sea plantes and fish. More info click the following link Columbretes Info

12.-  Festivals – Castellon, land of festivals

If you are a festival lover Castellón is absolutely your place as few of the most popular international festivals as the FIB, Rototom or Arenal Sound take palce during the summer season. Perhaps, small music festivals (either electronic music or jazz or classic music) also happen through the province, both in the coast towns and the highlands. Click the links below to find out the line up of the three most important festivals happening in Castellon. Ans remember there are direct flights from London and Bristol to Castellon. Don´t miss one of the best european festivals

FIB Festival Internacional Benicassim – Line up 2016

Arenal Sound – Line up 2016

Rototom – Line up 2016

FIB Festival - Photography of fiberfib.com

FIB Festival – Photography of fiberfib.com

13- Fanzara, an international street art reference

This small village with only 323 inhabitants has become the Spain’s art street capital. International graffiti artists have shaped the streets and the houses with full of graffiti and murals. The festival takes place a weekend of July where both artists and local people meet together to change hospitality for art. Today is an international street art reference place and the number of visitors is growing impressively due to the quality of the graffiti. Don’t miss Fanzara during your trip at Castellón.

Street art in Fanzara

Street art in Fanzara – Photography Pack Your Bag

14 – Food – fresh and organic cuisine 

The versatility of Castellon makes you explore a huge wide range of delicious dishes and tastes. Also, the countryside is fullyfilled of orange trees, olives trees and almonds trees which play an important role within the Castellon’s cuisine. Let’s do not forget our fresh and tasty veggies, basically our most important ingredients which always escort all dishes of the Mediterranean’s gastronomy. Along the coast the cuisine is based on fish, seafood and salads.; also rice dishes such a “paella”, “arros caldos” or “lobster rice”. In the other hand, up to the highlands, all dishes are based on meat, either beef or pork or lamb or hunting meat (deer & wild boar). Don’t forget to taste the wide variety of cheeses as well as dry meat (sausages, chorizo, beef ham or bull ham). Come to Castellon and enjoy our miscellaneous cuisine, full of tastes and textures.

Salad & smoothies - photography of Pack Your Bag

Salad & smoothies – photography of Pack Your Bag

15 – The lovely local people

Lovely and charming people will give you a nice welcome throughout the province of Castellon. Whether visiting local shops or eating in restaurants or doing one of the daily guided tours is always a nice way to interact with local people and therefore contributing for the local economy growth. Visit Castellon and let yourself dive into this Spanish Mediterranean unknown place.

People from Castellon will give you a great welcome - Photography of turismodecastellon.com

People from Castellon will give you a great welcome – Photography of turismodecastellon.com




8 days in Romania. Itinerary and budget

Romanian countryside

Romanian countryside

Romania is one of those unknown east-european countries which people don’t usually travel to. Our friend Sandra Morell has visited it the past month of May and she wants to show us her experience as well as give us some ideas about what to visit. She travelled 8 days along this country visiting places like Bucarest and Translvania. The follow article will also give you a rough idea of the money that you might need. If you want to see the itinerary, click the following link Itinerary

Day 1 & 2- Bucharest

How to get city centre from Otopeni airport?

  • Bus number 873
  • Price 2€
  • It takes around 35 minutes

What to visit in Bucharest?

  • Palace of the Parlament
  • Triumphan Arch
  • Old Town
  • Herăstrău Park

Hostel and food

  • Hostel in Bucharest city centre: from 7€/ night
  • Food: 8€ all meals/ day

Palace of the Parlament

Palace of the Parlament

Day 3. Bucharest – Sinaia – Brasov

How to get Sinaia from Bucarest?

What to visit in Sinaia?

  • Peles Castle: 4.50€
  • Old Town
  • Otional: during winter season, Sinaia is one of the popular skiing destination

How to get Brasov from Sianai?

  • Bus or train: from 2€, click the following link for more information From Sianai to Brasov

Hostel and Food

  • Hostel in Brasov: from 8€/ night
  • Food: 8-10€/ day

Peles Castle

Peles Castle

Day 4. Brasov – Bran Castle – Sighisoara

What to visit in Brasov?

  • Council Square
  • Old Town
  • Black Church
  • Mount Tampa by cable car
  • Bran Castle-Dracula´s Castle: 7.80€
    • Bran Castle or the Dracula´s Castle isn´t so far from Brasov, there is a bus line departing from Brasov. Click the following link to know more info about the most terrific castle of Europe http://www.bran-castle.com/
    • How to get Bran Castle from Brasov? Click the following link From Brasov to Bran Castle

How to get Sighisoara from Brasov?

Hostel and food

  • Hostel in Sighisoara: from 10€/ night
  • Food: 8-10€/ day

Bran Castle or Dracula´s Castle

Bran Castle or Dracula´s Castle



Day 5. Sighisoara – Sibiu

What to visit in Sighisoara?

  • Citadella
  • Old Town
  • Clock Tower
  • Church on the hill

How to get Sibiu from Sighisoara?

  • Train: 3€ (ask for times at tourist info office of Sighisoara or click the following link Train from Sighisoara to Sibiu )
  • Time: 3h30

Hostel and Food

  • Hostel in Sibiu from 10€/ night
  • Food: 10€/ day

Clock Tower of Sighisoara

Clock Tower of Sighisoara

Day 6. Sibiu – Cluj Napoca

What to visit in Sibiu?

  • Big Square
  • Catholic Cathedral
  • Ortodox Cathedral
  • Old Town

How to get Cluj Napoca from Sibiu?

Hostel and food

  • Hostel in Cluj Napoca: from 13€/ night
  • Food: 10-12€/ day

Local houses in Sibiu

Local houses in Sibiu

Day 7. Cluj Napoca – Salina Turda – Cluj Napoca

What to visit in Cluj Napoca?

  • Banffy Palace
  • Avran Lancu Square
  • National Museum of Transilvania
  • Old Town

How to get Salina Turda salt mine?

Salina Turda Salt Mine

  • Price: 5€
  • Time to visit: between 2-3 hours

Hostel and food

  • Hostel in Cluj Napoca from 13€/ night
  • Food: 12€/ day

Salina Turda mine

Salina Turda mine

Day 8. Cluj Napoca – Airport

If your flight is in the evening, you will have still enough time to visit Cluj Napoca during the morning. Cluj Napoca has an airport with flights connecting Transilvania with London and few more Europe capital cities. Check http://www.skyscanner.com for more information.

  • Bus to the airport: number 8
  • Price of the bus: 3€

Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca

Thank you very much Sandra Morell for all information that you have given to us. Absolutely a worth trip to Romania!

Our friend Sandra Morell

Our friend Sandra Morell

5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part2


Castellon, is it only sun and sand? No way… Castellon is more than that.

Castellon is know as the second province with more number of mountains in Spain. Yes, we have mountains, and pretty high if we think about the proximity of the coast. There are up to 8 natural parcs in the province of Castellon which some of them are situated in the highlands. The highlands (known as Maestrazgo) also hides history and heritage, where castles, medieval villages and nature meet together.

6.- Morella

Morella by the night - Photo from Morella Turistica Website

Morella by the night – Photo from Morella Turistica Website

Probably the most beautiful village through the highlands. Morella is a “must” during your holidays in Castellon. With the castle on the top of the rocky mountain, this walled medieval village will take you back in time to rewind the Middle Age. The local food is deliciously good and tasty where the hauting meat is the most demanded good as well as cheese and lots of tradictional pastries.

7.- Peñagolosa Mountain Natural Parc

Peñagolosa "The rocky giant"

Peñagolosa “The rocky giant”

Peñagolosa is the highest point through the wide of Valencia Region with 1813m above the sea level. If you’re looking for a hiking day, this is absolutely your option. You can climb up to the peak following a path, even though the last stage might be little bit difficult. The views over Castellon province are amazing, but in a clear day you might also see Valencia, Alicante or Teruel provinces as well as Ibiza Island. Give a try and climb Peñagolosa.

8.- Vilafames

Vilafames, The Red Village - Photo from Vilafames Council Website

Vilafames, The Red Village – Photo from Vilafames Council Website

This charming village situated in the mountains of Castellon is known as “The Red Village”. Its buildings as well as the castle have been built with red stone. A walk along its small quaint streets can be a great experience and local people will give you a warm welcome. Try one of its popular wines or pastries and climb up to the castle if you want to enjoy beautiful views over the mountains of Castellon.

9.- Sant Josep Cave – The Europe largest underground river

Sant Josep underground River - Photo from its official website

Sant Josep underground River – Photo from its official website

An underground river flows through the Sant Josep Caves, which enables you to enjoy an amazing natural phenomenon. It´s located in the natural setting of the same name, is a system of natural caves located in the town of Vall de Uxó. A small boat will make you discover the different rooms as well as living a great undergrund experience. Don´t miss it.

10.- Montanejos

Millars River in Montanejos - Photo from Montanejos Council Website

Millars River in Montanejos – Photo from Montanejos Council Website

Montanejos is a small town surrounded by mountains, giving it a completely unique location, as its thermal waters have made it become a spa town.
It’s located in the Western part of the Highlands. Hotels are spread throughout the city and there’s a huge spa that a multitude of people frequent through the year. A few meters from the center there are various places to go for a dip in the river. There’s a nice, lit path headed there from the center of town. The Fuente de los Banos is one of the most famous springs. The quality of the water emanated from the inside of the mountain is indicated at various points with a tempretaure of 40 degrees. Come to Montanejos and swin in our beautiful Millars River.

The third part of “5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon” will be up to the blog soon, don´t miss it!

If you want to book your holidays in castellon, visit this website: http://www.castellonincoming.com

2 days around Leman Lake


A weekend around the Leman Lake in Switzerland and in France could be cheaper than you expect if you travel in the right time. Ski season starts from November until April and the prices are usually more expensive. We flew only few weeks before the winter seasons started when the prices are still low and when nature shows one of its best performance: the colourful autumn. As known, Switzerland is very expensive and a short getaway might become so expensive if you don’t control well your budget. For that reason, we bought are food in England, so for a weekend we spent 20£/each in food.

Flight from Bristol to Geneva: 35£ return/person

At 8.30am we were already in Geneva airport. We booked a car by on-line in the France side of the airport (price cheaper than Swiss side) and we paid 60€ for two days between 3 people, only 20£ each then. Around 9.30am we were driving out of the airport to gain as much time as possible and see as many things as possible.




This charming city was our first stop. Laussane is a beautiful city situated in the shores of the Leman Lake. It’s not as big as Geneva, though big enough to enjoy its alive atmosphere. The local market was set up in the heart of the city with small stands selling veggies, fruits and flowers. Little bit higher from the main place and on the top of a hill you will find the cathedral. There is a view point from which you will enjoy beautiful views over Laussane, the Leman Lake and you are lucky…you will see the highest peaks and mountains around the lake.




Gruyere is a “must seen” during you weekend around the Leman Lake, this charming medieval village situated in the Low Swiss Alps is popular for its cheese. With only two streets and the main square, this village is able to attract thousand of tourists throughout the year. Discover its delightful houses and visit its castle on the top of the hill. The views over Alps mountains are stunning. And don’t forget to taste the Gruyere cheese, Yummy!! 😛  



picture of the week

On our way back to the lake we decided to use a different road and see a small part of the Alps mountains. For 1 hour and a half we drove through the Gruyère Pays d’Henhaut Natural park, passing by beautiful valleys with colossal mountains in both sides. Also, the beautiful colour of the autumn made this experience even nicer. Thousand of cows filled the fields like they’d have been drawn by an impressionist painter. On the way down to the lake, the fog covered the valley thereby creating an terrific atmosphere. You will find the map of the route in the end of the article.



This popular village in situated in the south-east of the Leman Lake. This side of the lake is France and the border is only few kilometres before Evian. Popular for its springs, this small village has become one of the most important spa destinations in Europe. Either winter or summer, Evian is a nice place for your skiing holidays, spa holidays or simply a chill getaway. We booked 2 rooms in a beautiful wooden house  by Airbnb in the zone, above 1000 metres height. The couple were so nice and we got a charming welcome from them. The price: 15£ each with an delicious home-made breakfast included in the price.



Yvoire le Leman is a very tinny medieval village situated in the French side of the lake. Vehicles are not allowed inside its walls, only bikes can ride. Delighted houses built in stone take you back on time to the middle age like if you were the protagonist of a historical novel. With full of traditional shops, the popular French sweet “macarron” is probably the most sold product in Yvoire as the most of the shops are patisseries, although you will also find wooden objetcs made by hand. The most of the houses are decorated with flowers which make even nicer the atmosphere. This village is a “must” during your getaway around Leman Lake, don’t miss then.



With only an afternoon you will have enough time to visit the most important highlights of Geneva. There is a beautiful “promenade” along the shore of the lake. The Old City is not so far from the lake and a walk through the Old City is absolutely worth it.



10 songs to listen while travelling

If there is something that I really like to do while travelling is listening music abroad, mostly in long journeys in a train, plane or bus. In fact, there are so may places in the world which invite you to listen a song as well as so many special moments where a perfect song might be perfect to enjoy.

Here there is a list of ten songs that you might love to listen while travelling abroad.

Enjoy music while travelling as we need music everywhere & every time












Those are some of the songs that I always bring with me when I am travelling, obviously the playlist is large enough to listen music for at least three weeks. Hope you liked it!

5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part1

castellon turismo playa del serradal

Castellón is probably one of those hundred unknown places along the Mediterranean coast which you might also fall in love with it. The reason why this beautiful Spanish province is less known than other is actually due to its slow growing tourism industry against other popular places like Alicante, Valencia, Salou or Barcelona when the “tourist boom” arose in Spain in the 60’s years. This province is situated exactly between those popular places and people usually passed through Castellon, but never stopped. Now those popular places are getting obsolete and Castellón is getting more popular. It seems like the tourism industry is pushing the wheel to different direction, making Castellon a trending topic for both Spanish and foreign travellers. Finally people have realised how much beauty Castellon is and how many things you can do.

Castellón is situated between Barcelona and Valencia. Its coast is named “The Blossom Orange Coast” and you can beach hop all the way along 110km of coast; your perfect summer holiday might come true here as Castellón has all you need. But Castellón is not only beach and sun, in that hundred of mountains, small villages, thousand of activities and charming people are waiting you for your entertainment throughout this stunning and unknown place.

Pack Your Bag is going to give you 15 reasons of why Castellón is the best place for your summer holidays this 2016. Considering the huge amount of reasons as well as the useful information of the article, Pack Your Bag is going to divide it in three different sections to make a better feature article.

Castellón (Spain), why I should spend my summer holiday in Castellón next summer?

1.- The weather

Castellón offers more than 310 sunny days throughout the year (wow 😱). Yes, you have read perfectly. The Orange Blossom Coast is probably one of the sunniest places in Spain. It seems like it has its own micro-climate. The rain (wet) season usually is only a week, whether in spring or autumn; therefore Castellón is a perfect place for your holidays as the sun is guaranteed all year long.

More than 310 sunny days in Castellón

More than 310 sunny days in Castellón – Photography of Pack Your Bag

2.- The beaches

Castellón has 78 beaches along its 110km of coast, that means you will find a beach every 1.41km. From rocky, rough & hidden creeks to white, long & sandy beaches Castellón offers to the visitor a wide range of options for your beachy time. The water is clean and clear and 32 beaches are awarded with blue flag (indication of a high environmental and quality standards). More information and pictures about Castellón’s beaches, click here

Oropesa del Mar Beach

Oropesa del Mar Beach – Photography of Oropesa del Mar Council

3.- Castellón de la Plana

This alive and vibrant city is the capital of the Province where tradition and modernity combine perfectly in harmony. Why being lost in Castellón de la Plana can be an amazing experience? Dozen of Mediterranean fragrances hit your face when you gallivant through its streets and thousand of oranges trees dress the city. The pedestrian city centre offers to the visitor the option to interact with the charming local people and shopping at any of the local shops. Perhaps, you shouldn’t miss the colourful central market and try all the tasty local food.  A walk into the old fisher quarter El Grau de Castellón (which is 4 km far from the city) brings to you the pure essence of a traditional Mediterranean village,  furthermore you will find one of the best beaches of Spain, with more than 14 km long, woow!!

Major Square - Photography of Comunitat Valenciana Tourism Website

Major Square – Photography of Comunitat Valenciana Tourism Website

4.- Peñíscola.

Peñíscola is a beautiful little town, lively & full of character and also a very popular holiday spot amongst Spanish and foreing tourists throughout the year. There is a castle, called The Moon Pope Castle which is a very popular attraction nowadays. The castle is part of the tale. It sits on a rock about 64 metres above the sea, a rock which is joined to the mainland by only a narrow strip of land. Due to its strategic location, was wanted and taken by all sorts of invaders in the past: the Greeks, the Romans, Arabs and Christians. The Knights Templar built the castle on the remains between 1294 and 1307. Later, in the 15th century, Pope Benedict XIII (Moon Pope)moved in for 6 years until he died. Popular films like El Cid or famous series like Game of Thrones have filmed in this particular place. Peñíscola is cosidered the most beautiful village in Spain according different survey researches. Come to Castellón and visit Peñíscola.

Peñíscola - Photography of Drones Filmers

Peñíscola – Photography of Drones Filmers

5.- The airport

The new Castellón Airport was opened last September 2015. For now Ryanair is the only airline which operates in the airport, connecting Castellón with Bristol and London. The flight from London to Castelón operates 3 times a week, on Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Saturdays along the year. Otherwise the flight from Bristol only operates during the summer season, from April to October and twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. A new flight connection between Bucarest and Castellón with Blue Air will start from June and you can already buy your tickets in the website. This new airport is a signal that Castellón is getting popular, the numbers of the passengers flying “from” “to” Castellón confirm this growing and this airport has already passed in front of many Spanish airports. 

Castellón Airport - Photography of Diputación de Castellón

Castellón Airport – Photography of Diputación de Castellón


These are only five reasons of why Castellón is the best place for your summer holiday. Castellón offers to the visitors hundreds of options for their entertainment and Pack Your Bag wants to make people know the beauty of this place as well as to promote Castellón as a popular travel destination.

I will write more about Castellón in future articles whereby will give you more reasons of why Castellón is the best place for your summer holiday this 2016.

If you want to book your holidays in Castellón, please visit this website http://www.castellonincoming.com/



5 Egyptian Temples along the Nile River


The River Nile is the main artery of Egypt and irrigates land that would otherwise be inhospitable desert. The Nile is the longest river in the world, flowing from the mountains of East Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, a course of over 4,000 miles. For modern travellers a Nile cruise is an essential part of a visit to Egypt. To see and experience the country properly you must make a river journey, and in doing so you will be taking part in an activity that has been part of Egypt’s tradition for thousands of years. A Nile river cruise is by far the best way to visit the temples and other antiquities of Egypt as the most significant of them were built on the banks of the river. Pack Your Bag wants to show you some of the most beautiful Egyptian Temples you can see along the Nile River.

1.- Luxor Temple

The Luxor Temple was founded in 1400 BCE  and like other Egyptian structures of the time, it used the common design techniques of symbolism. Thousands of symbols and hieroglyphs decorate the columns and the walls of the temple. Inside the temple also you will find several sculptures of stone that symbolize the life of the ancient gods and Pharaohs. The main gate of the temple is guarded by a big obelisk, there should have been two obelisk but the second one is in Paris, in the Plaza of the Concord. Hundreds of sphinxes decorate the path between Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple

2.- Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple Complex comprises a mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings.  It is considered to be the largest ancient religious site in the world, and once you’re there, you can truly believe it is. Approximately thirty Pharaohs contributed to the buildings, allowing it to reach a size, complexity, and diversity not found elsewhere in Egypt. The most famous aspect of Karnak is the oversized Hypostyle Hall.  It is the largest hypo-style hall in the world, containing 134 massive columns in the shape of open and closed papyrus flowers.  This is considered an engineering marvel, as it is believed that the weight of the columns is capable of sinking the entire hypo-style hall under the desert soil.  But still to this day, they all stand.

Columns in Karnak Temples

Columns in Karnak Temples

3.- Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple is an ancient Egyptian temple situated on a mound on the west bank of Nile River in the city of Edfu, in between Luxor and Aswan. The temple was dedicated to Horus, the falcon headed god. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the temple was built on the site where the great battle between the Gods Horus and Seth took place.The temple’s main building includes a great Hypostyle Hall where many bas-relief such depictions of the annual reunion of Horus and his wife Hathor can be found inside.

Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple

4.- Kom Ombo Temple

In the Egyptian town of Kom Ombo, sits the wonderful Ptolemaic temple located close to the banks of the Nile. The temple is unusual in that it is a temple with a double dedication for two gods that are worshipped there. The Southern side is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile headed man and the god of fertility. The Northern is devoted to the falcon god Horus. The ancient Egyptians believed that the god would send physical indication of themselves to earth in the form of their familial animal and so at the temple of Kom Ombo, a live crocodile would contain part of Sobek. The crocodile would be cared for throughout its life by priests, and when it died, its spirit would move onto the next crocodile, while the first was mummified and ceremoniously buried. The museum has 20 mummified crocodiles, lying on sand to depict how they lay on the banks of the Nile as well as a large collection of eggs and crocodile related artefacts. The best time to visit this temple is just before the sunset as the sky becomes so colorful and you might enjoy one of the best sunsets in Egypt.

Kom Ombo Temple during the sunset

Kom Ombo Temple during the sunset

5.- Philae Temple

Located in Aswan, the last stage of the cruise along the Nile River, the Philae Temple is one of the most beautiful places for relaxation and sightseeing. On a little island among other ones, Philae island owns the last sacred temples of Ancient Egyptian architecture wealth where Pharaohs, Greco-romans and Christians left behind traces the walls of this temple. Philae Temple hosts the cult of goddess Isis, Osiris and Horus and the only transportation you can get to visit Philae Temple is sailing on small boats to the island, which is one of the greatest rides you’ll ever get through the mirage nature of small islands and monuments. Its a great sightseeing experience where you can look into ancient history and enjoy simple nature surrounding those monuments.

Philae Temple

Philae Temple

I you are thinking to visit Egypt this year, keep in mind to do one of the cruises along the Nile River; it is a great experience and the landscape from the cruise is absolutely stunning.

Visit Egypt, It is fascinating

Visit Egypt, It is fascinating

Gili Kedis. A heart-shaped island

Gili Kedis - Lombok

Gili Kedis – Lombok

When I saw the aerial picture of this island in Facebook, I just fell in love with it. I was double-checking my trip to Indonesia as I knew where to go already, basically everything was planned. The tour was perfect, nearly 20 days visiting the most popular highlights of Indonesia throughout Java, Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands. But for some reason (or coincidence) the life put in front of my eyes a stunning picture of this island bringing up the option to go there. I didn’t even know where exactly the island was located but if I didn’t mind ( I didn’t care to be honest) where about it was, I only wanted to go somehow. I messaged the guy for which I saw the picture in Facebook as he probably could give me information about that island. His answer was quick and he gave the name of the island as well as few links to get further information. What was my surprise? This heart-shaped island was located in Lombok, not too far from the places we planned to go. Then again, we re-planned our trip even though my friends weren’t sure of that, due to the idea of spending one night under the starts (with no shower and light basically). I didn’t mind what they thought, I only wanted to go and that was it!

We knew how to get there, it was planned perfectly, but you can’t plan anything as a backpacker. A taxi would have driven along the coast to the nearest point of the island and then a local boat would have sailed to it. But for coincidence again, we met a local guy with a boat which took us straight to the island. We did deal the price for two days and we had our own private local boat for only 500.000 rupiahs each (20£). We were sailing more than two hours along the Lombok coast, it was amazing!! We first stopped in Gili Sudak, a small island next to Gili Kedis with a local restaurant and a hotel. Fresh fish and rice with a coconut was our lunch..mmmm…..yummy!!

Our private local boat

Our private local boat

The yummy lunch

The yummy lunch

After more than two hours sailing along the Lombok’s coast and our break in Gili Sudak, we finally arrived to Gili Kedis, that small heart-shaped desert island, which was our home for two days and one night. Yes, we had our own island, it’s incredible… a dream came true and perhaps we felt totally full of happiness. We were alone, nobody was in there, only us. A small wooden house was our dinning and sleeping area, it was perfect. It seemed like that wooden house was built specially for us. Being surrounded by only water in a small piece of land made me feel unique; but also made me think of how happy you could be with only few things rather than luxury. Once settled, we only had one more thing to do: enjoy our small heart-shaped private island. I probably saw in Gili Kedis the most beautiful sunset ever (check my Facebook page to see the time-lapse sunset video). Once the sun faded into the horizon, the sky became even more colourful. First in colour blue and then in purple. But the nature surprised us when the sky became full of red, like the Earth planet was bleeding out. I will never forget that moment, we were sat on the shore, in silence; we even weren’t able to say a word. That moment was for us, and forever!

The dinning and sleeping area

The dinning and sleeping area

The colourful sky during the sunset

The colourful sky during the sunset

The night was fine, long but funny. We couldn’t sleep at all due to the uncomfortable wooden house, but that was our island, our private island, our small heart-shaped private island; we didn’t care about how much uncomfortable the wooden-house was, you know why? Because there is no such a price in the world to pay that feeling. We woke up at 2.00 am thinking that we might have seen turtles as our captain commented, but unfortunately the turtles didn’t come. At least we saw few start-fish which got stuck in the shore due to tide. At 7.00 am our captain was waiting us. It’s so early mate, let us have our breakfast at least!! We said to him. So after breakfast and packing… our local boat transported us into the next adventure: I will write about it soon!

If you want to visit Gili Kedis, you will find different options from Lombok; we hired a local boat from Senggigi (North West) for two days. The price was reasonable good and the experience amazing! If  you are in Bali or Lombok, keep in mind Gili Kedis as you will live an unforgettable experience.

Here Gili Kedis location

Our own heart-shaped island

Our own heart-shaped island

Our Captain

Our Captain

Start-fish in the shore

Start-fish in the shore

Gili Kedis during the sunset

Gili Kedis during the sunset

Gili Kedis - Lombok A heart-shaped island

Gili Kedis – Lombok
A heart-shaped island



10 reasons why you should visit Copenhagen

Nyhavn Canal

Nyhavn Harbour

Built around the shores of the European’s nicest natural harbour, this colourful and vibrant city is a mix & match of architectural styles and Scandinavian influences. The Danish capital is fast becoming one of the most visited cities not just in the Europe, but for people all across the globe. Do you want to know why Copenhagen is getting popular? Pack Your Bag is going to give you ten reasons why you should visit Copenhagen.


1.- Because of the people.

Danish people are voted as the happiest people in the world and a large majority speaks a high standard of English. They will make you experience a friendliness which you rarely will find in other cities. Also the “hipsters” will make you dive into that particular culture-life-style in one of the various hipsters areas of Copenhagen.

People from Copenhagen

People from Copenhagen – Picture from Visitcopenhagen


2.- Because of the bikes

The city is super progressive when it comes to urban transport and it’s not surprising that the city is often cited as the world’s most bike-friendly city. With cycle lanes and flat streets, the appeal is obvious. That’s why one-third of the inhabitants of Copenhagen ride a bicycle to work or school. Also tourists hire a bike for a city-ride-bike experience throughout their time in Copenhagen. It feels like everyone cycles, meaning Copenhagen probably has the quietest and most peaceful streets of any capital city  at least in Europe. This green approach has even led to the term ‘Copenhagenise’ being used by urban planners.

Bike's Parking

Bike’s Parking – picture taken by Luis Mercader


3.- Because of the Smørrebrød

If you are visiting Copenhagen, you must try the Smørrebrød at least for once, even though I bet you will try all different options every day, mostly after a long cycling morning throughout Copenhagen. The sandwich is basically made by sliced rye bread (rugbrød) topped with cold meats, smoked fish, cheese or pate and it has been a lunchtime staple for the Danish for as long as anyone remember. Give it a try!


Smørrebrød – picture taken by Lynda Balslev for NPR


4.-Because of Christiania

Christiania is an autonomous free-town in Copenhagen. It’s been exempt from many of Denmark’s laws since it was set up by squatters and idealists back in the 1970’s. Now Christiania is home to about 850 people who manage shops, cafes and veggie restaurants. And sell soft drugs from stalls. It all feels like a fascinating mix of organic cultural paradise and alternative music festival. So go, smoke and smile 🙂


Christiania – picture taken by Luis Mercader


5.- Because of its mermaid

A little and lonely mermaid sculpture is conclusively the Copenhagen’s most popular icon and one of the most photographed statues in the world. The little mermaid sits close to the shore of the cruise harbour “Langelinie” on her granite resting place, in the old port district of Nyhavn. This small sculpture was unveiled at Langelinje in 1913 even though she’s been decapitated several times since then; poor Little Mermaid. Anyway,  don’t miss it as everybody does. Do the same like everybody and be a real tourist!!

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid – picture taken by Luis Mercader


6.- Because of the water and canals. 

Copenhagen is criss-crossed by a network of canals and these waterways are still an integral part of the city’s character. Lots of cruise-boats laden with sightseers sailing through the elegant shuttered town-houses. Then Copenhageners don’t have to travel too far for a dip. Just south of the centre is the Island Brygge Havnebadet, one of five outdoor swimming pools in Copenhagen. The quality of the water is checked daily and has to be approved by the authorities before swimmers are let in. There are five pools in all, two of which are specifically for children.

Nyhavn Canal

Nyhavn Canal – picture taken by Luis Mercader


7.- Because of the urban beaches

You might not think of Copenhagen as a beach destination, but not too far of the centre is one most popular Copenhagen’s urban beaches You might not think of Copenhagen as a beach destination, but three miles south of the centre is one of Denmark’s finest stretches of sand: Amager Strandpark, a huge white beach extending along a lagoon, covered by small dunes and green grass. It’s popular all year round with cyclists and rollerbladers. But Amager Strandpark is not he only urban beach yo can find in Copenhagen, up to 5 different beaches are only few miles away from city centre.

Amager beach - picture from broketourist.net

Amager beach – picture from broketourist.net


8.- Because it’s green

Copenhagen was the European Green Capital of 2014, just before Bristol (UK) in 2015.  Copenhagen is a highly successful role model for the green economy, with an efficient urban cycling network and with a strong strategy Copenhagen intends to be carbon-neutral by 2025 with an estimated 75% of the CO2 reduction. Copenhagen is that city that you would love to live.

European Green Capital 2014

European Green Capital 2014


9.- Because of the accessibility 

Less than 20 minutes by Metro or train from the Airport to the City centre, a large variety of public transport and a well-developed cruise ship port. A huge cycling network will help you to explore Copenhagen in a very friendly and easy way as bikers have the priority everywhere and any time. But if you prefer to discover this city by walking, don’t be worried about the distances as Copenhagen feels like it was designed to be explored on foot. From galleries to monuments to parks, everything is really compact. You can easily walk from one side of the city to the other in a few hours. there’s a modern, efficient and affordable metro system you can use.

Christiania Canal and its boats

Christiania Canal and its boats – picture taken by Luis Mercader


10.- Because of the “Hygge”

The best way of translating the word “hygge” is “cosiness” but you don’t know what “hygge” is until you’ve been to Copenhagen. You basically you can do lots of “hygges” things in Copenhagen during your time in the city, just come and find them out. Meantime in Pack Your Bag we give you 10 “hygges” reasons to visit this amazing city: Copenhagen!

Christiania. Go, smoke and smile!! Be "hygge" - picture taken by Luis Mercader

Christiania. Go, smoke and smile!! Be “hygge” – picture taken by Luis Mercader

7 reasons why living in Bristol is lush

Are you thinking to move somewhere else for a new life next 2016? Bristol, in United Kingdom is one of the cities that you should have in your list. Pack Your bag is going to give you some reason of why you should move to this amazing city and why it is lush for living.

Estás pensando en moverte a otro lugar para una nueva vida en este 2016? Birstol, en Reino Unido, es una de esas ciudades que deberías tener en tu lista. Pack Your Bag va a darte varias razones de por qué deberías moverte a esta fantástic ciudad y porqué mola vivir aquí.

Bristol Suspension Bridge

Bristol Suspension Bridge

1.- European Green Capital 2015

Bristol has been the European Green Capital during this 2015. It’s been the first British city of getting this award. There are more than 400 parks in Bristol, so basically the city is covered by green. Also there are more than 170 city farms where they grow organic vegetables and fruits. You will find a huge wide range of organic shops as well. Few national natural reserves are situated not too far from city, like Leigh-woods, which takes only 15 minutes to get there by cycling from city centre. There is a big cycling network throughout the city, so you won’t get bored waiting the bus or getting stuck in traffic jams as you will love to use your bike.

Bristol ha sido durante este 2015 la capital europea verde, siendo la primera cuidad del Reino Unido en obtener este galardón. La ciudad cuenta con más de 400 parques, básicamente la ciudad esta cubierta de verde. También cuenta con más de 170 granjas dentro de la ciudad donde cultivan frutas y verduras orgánicas. Encontrarás también un gran número de tiendas donde venden cómida orgánica. Varias reservas naturales nacionales están situadas no muy lejos de la ciudad, como Leigh-woods, el cual está a tan solo 15 minutes en bici desde el centro. Hay una gran red de carriles bici en la ciudad, no te aburrirás a la hora de esperar el autobús o de quedarte atrapado en un atasco ya que seguro disfrutarás de moverte por la ciudad en bici.

Bristol European Green Capital 2015

2.- City of Universities/ Ciudad Universitaria

Bristol has two Universities, The UoB (University of Bristol) and the UWE (University West of England). More than 22.000 students from different countries come every year to study at any of those Universitites. Also the University of Bristol (UoB) is rated like one of the top 30 Universities of the world. Young and international atmosphere is guaranteed in this city and it’s becoming one of the most important multicultural cities in United Kingdom outside London.

Bristol cuenta con dos universidades, La UoB (Universidad de Bristol) y la UWE (Universidad del Oeste de Inglaterra). Más de 22.000 estudiantes de diferentes paises del mundo llegan cada año para estudiar en alguna de sus universidades. La Universidad de Bristol (UoB) está catalogada como una de las 30 mejores del mundo. El ambiente juvenial e internacional está garantizado y se está convirtiendo en una de las ciudades más multiculturales de Reino Unido fuera de London. 

View of the University of Bristol

View of the University of Bristol

3.- Urban Art Street/ Arte Urbano 

Bristol is popular due to its international graffiti artist Banksy. Scour the streets of Bristol and you will struggle not to find a cutting-edge piece of graffiti art decorating the city’s walls. Along narrow streets, through under-passages and across building walls, a piece of graffiti art will jump out, making Bristol the European Urban Art Street Capital. Banksy has painted few graffiti in Bristol, and there is a Art Street Tour available showing the  Banksy most popular graffiti.

Bristol es conocida gracias a su grafitero internacional Banksy. Rebusca por las calles de Bristol y ya verás que no tendrás que enforzarte en encontrar vanguardistas grafitis decorando las fachadas de la ciudad. A lo largo de calles estrechas, a traves de pasajes suterráneos y en la fachadas de los edificios, un graffiti seguro te aparecerá en cuanto menos te lo esperes, haciendo asi de Bristol la Capital Europea de Arte Urbano. Banksy ha pintado varios grafitis en Bristol y hay una visita guiada dedicada al Art Street disponible la cual te mostrará los grafitis más conocidos de Banksy.

Banksy Graffiti in The Canteen Pub - Stokes Croft

Banksy Grafiti in The Canteen Pub – Stokes Croft

4.- Music everywhere at anytime/ Música en todas partes y a cualquier hora

If you are a music lover, Bristol is absolutely your place. You will find live music every day at any of the hundreds of Bristol’s pubs, clubs and venues. Both local bands and popular bands come to Bristol every year as they know that Bristolian people love music. Yes…we love music!! Also amateur singers and bands play in the street (if the weather helps) to make themselves known in that industry. All music genres like rock, reggae, electronic, jazz, soul, heavy-metal, salsa, pop, hip-hop, R&B, trip-hop and the popular Bristolian music style Dubstep are tuned every day making Bristol a world music reference. Come to Bristol and tune a song with us!

Si eres un amante de la música, Bristol es definitivamente tu sitio. Encontrarás múscia en directo todos los días de la semana en cualquiera de los cientos de pubs, discotecas y espacios musicales de la ciudad. Tanto bandas locales como famosas vienen a Bristol a tocar cada año ya que sabes que los Bristolianos aman la música Si… nosotros amamos la música! También bandas y cantantes amateurs tocan en las calles de la ciudad (si el tiempo ayuda) para darse a conocer en el sector. Todos los géneros musicales como el rock, reggae, música electrónica, jazz, soul, heavy-metal, salsa, pop, hip-hop, R&B y el Bristoliano Dubstep son sintonizados todos los días haciendo de Bristol un referente musical a nivel internacional. 

Local Band playing in Corn Street


5.- Festivals – Festivales

If there is music, obviously there are festivals, even though the festivals are not only oriented to the music industry . You will find Food & Drinks Festivals, Cinema Festivals, Urban Art Street Festivals, Green Festivals, Marathons & Races, Animation Festivals, Family Festivals and perhaps the most popular one: Bristol International Ballon Fiesta. Do you know what’s the best of Bristol’s festivals? You can enjoy them all year long, they take place every month!! Wow… Here the most popular festivals! Check them out!

Si hay música, obviamente hay festivales, aunque sin embrago no todos los festivales están orientados a la industria musical. Podrás encontrar diversos festivales gastronómicos, festivales de arte callejero, festivales verdes, maratones y carreras deportivas, festivales de animación, festivales para familias y por supuesto el más conocido: Festival Internacional de Globos Aerostáticos de Bristol. Podrás disfrutar de festivales todo el año en Bristol, ya que se realizan festivales cada mes. Guauuu…Aquí teneis los festivales más importantes! Echale un vistazo!!

January – Slapstick Festival

February – BBC Radio 6 Music Festival

March – Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival

April – The Bristol Improv Theatre Festival

May – Bristol Walk Fest 2016 & Loves Saves the Day & Dot to Dot Festival

June – Let’s Rock Bristol! The RETRO Festival & Bristol Festival of Nature

July – Bristol Harbour Festival

August – Bristol International Ballon Fiesta

September – Factoberfest

October – Simple Things Festivals

November – Half Marathon Bristol & Christmas Lights

December – Christmas Market & Christmas Events & Festivals

Bristol Harbour Festival

Bristol Harbour Festival

6.- Multicultural city/ Ciudad multicultural

You can find in Bristol up to 170 different nationalities, all of them living in harmony. And you also might learn up to 150 different languages. When you are walking across the city, you rarely will only see British people. Spanish, Italian, Greek… up to 170 different nationalities turn the city into a colourful atmosphere. We bring to the city not only different languages, we bring and share our cultures with local people and you know what? They love it. We all are making Bristol a different city, with a strong personality and very alternative. Bristol is definitely a multicultural city whereby Bristolian people feel proud of it. 

Podrás encontrar en Bristol hasta 170 nacionalidades diferentes, todas ellas viviendo en armonía. También podrás llegar a aprender hasta 150 idiomas. Cuando vas andando por la ciudad, raramente solo verás Británicos. Españoles, Italianos, Griegos… y así hasta 170 diferentes nacionalidades llenan la ciudad de una colorida atmósfera. No solo traemos idiomas diferentes, también nuestas culturas, las cuales compartimos con la gente local y sabeis qué? Les encanta… Todos juntos estamos haciendo de Bristol una ciudad diferente, con una fuerte personalidad y muy alternativa. Bristol es definitivamente una ciudad multicultural y los Bristolianos se sieten orgulloso de ello. 

Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, English, Italian... we all share our life in harmony

Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, English, Italian… we all share our life in harmony

7.- A city of opportunities/ Una ciudad de oportunidades

Bristol has the fastest growing economy of any of the city outside London this 2015. Bristol is young, vibrant and funny city which offers thousands of opportunities for both British people and foreign people. Bristol also has one of the lowest number of jobless people, maybe due to that fast growing economy. Students coming from everywhere usually decide to settle here after they finish their studies as they find good job opportunities. Foreign people come straight to Bristol as the economic numbers are absolutely brilliant and we know that. Bristol is getting more and more popular lately, which is seen in the news and also in the streets of the city. Do you need more reasons to come to Bristol?

Bristol puede presumir de ser la ciudad de mayor y más rápido crecimiento de Inglaterra fuera de Londres este 2015. Es una ciudad joven, dinánica y divertida la cual ofrece miles de oportunidades tanto para británicos como extranjeros. Bristol también puede presumir de ser una de las ciudades con menos desempleo del Reino Unido, posiblemente gracias a su gran crecimiento económico. Estudiantes de todas partes del mundo deciden quedarse en la ciudad una vez finalizan sus estudios ya que suelen encontrar buenas oportunidades laborales. Extranjeros vienen directamente a Bristol ya que los números económicos son brillantes y nosotros lo sabemos y los proyectamos. Bristol se está poniendo de moda ultimamente y lo puedes ver tanto en las noticias como en las calles de la ciudad. Necesitas más razones para venir a Bristol