Notting Hill Carnival – London #spanish

  Cada año, el último fin de semana de Agosto, se celebra en el popular barrio londinense de Notting Hill uno de los festivales urbanos más multitudinarios del mundo, Notting Hill Carnival. Este colorido (y gratuito) festival atrae a más de un millón de personas todos los años, dónde la diversidad y la música son … Continue reading Notting Hill Carnival – London #spanish

7 reasons why living in Bristol is lush

Are you thinking to move somewhere else for a new life next 2016? Bristol, in United Kingdom is one of the cities that you should have in your list. Pack Your bag is going to give you some reason of why you should move to this amazing city and why it is lush for living. … Continue reading 7 reasons why living in Bristol is lush

3 fascinating cemeteries in Bristol UK

My viewpoint about visiting cemeteries changed when I came to England. A nice walk along any cemetery could be an interesting experience due to their colossal tombs & sculptures. Some cemeteries also offer tours, activities and seasonal events for all range of ages. In Bristol (UK) there are six cemeteries which three of them stand … Continue reading 3 fascinating cemeteries in Bristol UK