Ibiza – Fuera de temporada #español

 Mucha gente tiene el concepto equivocado de la isla de Ibiza; prensa y televisión se empeñan en mostrar la cara más pervertida provocando así una gran oleada de opiniones erróneas sobre uno de los lugares más paradisíacos del mar Mediterráneo. Reality shows como "Ibiza Weekenders" o "Geordie Shore" ,entre otros, son auténticos destructores de la auténtica … Continue reading Ibiza – Fuera de temporada #español

3 hidden places in Ibiza with “On Ibiza Clouds”

Ibiza is one of those places which I don´t mind to go often. It has the ability to supernaturally force me to visit it at least twice a year; maybe its magic atmosphere, its music, its people or its beauty...all what involve this island attract me so hard. The past month on July I had … Continue reading 3 hidden places in Ibiza with “On Ibiza Clouds”

5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part1

Castellón is probably one of those hundred unknown places along the Mediterranean coast which you might also fall in love with it. The reason why this beautiful Spanish province is less known than other is actually due to its slow growing tourism industry against other popular places like Alicante, Valencia, Salou or Barcelona when the "tourist … Continue reading 5 of 15 reasons why you should visit Castellon #part1

Gili Kedis. A heart-shaped island

When I saw the aerial picture of this island in Facebook, I just fell in love with it. I was double-checking my trip to Indonesia as I knew where to go already, basically everything was planned. The tour was perfect, nearly 20 days visiting the most popular highlights of Indonesia throughout Java, Bali, Lombok and … Continue reading Gili Kedis. A heart-shaped island

3 places where you can be hypnotised

When you are travelling, sometimes you find places which you might spend hours just observing the same point and being hypnotised for their attraction power.You can feel this attraction for sure in the following places. Cuando estamos viajando, algunas veces nos encontramos lugares en los cuales pasarías horas tan solo observando el mismo punto, dejándote … Continue reading 3 places where you can be hypnotised